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Design and execution of works in electrical networks, electrical installations of low, medium and high voltage electrical manufacturing and repair of 110 kV.

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The main beneficiary of the works performed by S. C Elmont Construct S. R. L. is ENEL Distribution „Dobrogea” S. A.
From the point of view of the duration, but also of the way in which the company promptly solved all the orders of the beneficiary in quality terms, regardless of the locations of the work facilities and climatic conditions, without registering complaints and/or intimations, the most important works performed for ENEL Distribution „Dobrogea” S. A. are: Execution of works at the MT-JT (LEA MT, LES MT, LEA JT, LES JT, PTA, PTZ, Connections)  installations removed from voltage” and “The execution of works of defectoscopy for UTR Constanţa and Tulcea”.

Among other reference works accomplished or in course of execution, both for  ENEL Distribution „Dobrogea” S.A. and for other categories of beneficiaries, are:

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