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Design and execution of works in electrical networks, electrical installations of low, medium and high voltage electrical manufacturing and repair of 110 kV.

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Elmont Construct is a privately held company, set up in 2002, located in the town of Constanta, Constanta county.
The company's main activity field is: designing and executing electrical installations.

Managerial experience:
Management strategy, both on organizational and operational plans, consists of the balanced control of three important variables of the leadership act:

Our company experienced revenue growth of over 10% only last year. We enjoy the unanimous appreciation of our current customers and we are certain that you will also be satisfied with our services.

In perspective, the strategic objective supposes strengthening the partnership, developing production and storage capacity, as well as developing business plans in adjacent fields.

The S.C. Elmont Construct S.R.L. team reunites persons having technical and managerial experience in designing and executing works which belong to the activity field of the company.

Organized in a flexible and dynamic structure, market oriented, SC Elmont Construct SRL's leadership is provided by the company administrator, who has in his direct subordination the Production-Design, Investments, Integrated Management, Workplace Security and Health, Technical-Sales, Financial-Accounts and Supplies departments.

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